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Kandahar Treasure

Submitted by on December 8, 2010 – 3:00 pm

Rangina Hamidi founded Kandahar Treasure in 2003 with a group of 25 women from the Kandahar area. It started out as a non -profit project of the Afghans for Civil Society and has expanded to over 300 women and turned into a for profit operation.  They offer home décor items, such as pillows and tablecloths, as well as clothing and accessories embellished with a uniquely Afghan style of embroidery. This style is called Khamak (pronounced kha-mahk) and is one of the oldest and purest forms of embroidery art in the world. For centuries this embroidery has been produced by women who gather in their homes to create pieces of functional beauty. Until recently, it was shared  mostly within Southern Afghanistan. Today Kandahar Treasure is bringing this art-form to the world.

Kandahar Treasure has done more than produce beautiful hand crafted items.  It has given economic independence to women who are home bound.  It has given these women an opportunity to provide financially for themselves and for their families thereby giving them more stature and value in their communities. Also, it provides a place to share information about education and health programs not readily available to the general population.

To learn more about Kandahar Treasure and see the beautiful work they do go to their website here.

We encourage you to watch the multi media presentation by Paula Lerner which is quite inspirational.

Here are a couple of places in the U.S where you can order Kandahar Treasure hand crafted items:

Globalgoodspartners.org,  Unicefusa.org

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