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Prison Garden Provides Vegetables for Chefs, Soup Kitchens

Submitted by on September 13, 2010 – 3:49 pm

In a rare moment of win-win, an Illinois prison has put low-risk inmates to work in a gardening program.

The Sheriff’s Garden Program at the Cook County Jail grows vegetables for local food banks, churches, and top chefs, and the program gives inmates the chance to earn a master gardener’s certificate from the University of Illinois.

The program is really wonderful because it not only benefits the food banks but it also gives the inmates a sense of worth and achievement, lessening the chance that they will become repeat offenders. Now going into its seventeenth year, the Sheriff’s Garden Program gives inmates a second chance, brings out their potential, and boosts their self-esteem and sense of worth.

Go to http://www.wgntv.com/entertainment/viral/wgntv-jailgardens-090910,0,4335972.story to read more about the program and see a short video with interviews of program participants.

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