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Stephen Colbert Celebrates “Returnification” of American Troops

Submitted by on August 20, 2010 – 12:42 pm

Stephen Colbert has entertained troops in Iraq, and as they come home this month, he will entertain them again and honor their service.

The Colbert Report will be hosting two special episodes on September 8 and 9 entitled, “Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape.” On those days, the show’s audience will include Iraq War veterans as well as active duty servicemen and women, and there will be additional satellite audiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Stephen Colbert’s show might have an irreverent slant on the news including the war in Iraq, but he has used his show to support service members and their families. Proceeds from his WristStrong bracelets go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund for injured service members, and he serves as a board member for DonorsChoose.org, an organization that supports various school projects including college financial assistance for the children of service members.

The Colbert Report will be broadcasting “Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape” on September 8 and 9 at 11:30 PM on Comedy Central. Go to http://www.yellowribbonfund.com/ to support the Yellow Ribbon Fund and http://www.donorschoose.org to support Donors Choose.

Watch Stephen Colbert get a military haircut when The Colbert Report broadcast the program from Iraq.

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