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January 30, 2017 – 2:12 pm

“Don’t we all treat suffering as a disruption to existence, instead of an inevitable part of it? He wondered what would happen if you could ‘reincorporate your version of reality, of normalcy, to accommodate suffering.’”
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The Strongheart Fellowship Program

Submitted by on July 6, 2010 – 3:06 pm

The Strongheart Fellowship – located in Liberia, West Africa – provides extraordinary opportunity for exceptional young people from extremely challenging circumstances. Often displaced or orphaned by war, these are young people who have a marked “inner resilience” that has set them apart as remarkable potential leaders despite their conditions.

What truly sets the Strongheart Program apart is our focus on teaching our Fellows through ongoing innovative problem-solving of actual issues faced by developing nations. The Fellows participate in a specialized “development through enterprise” curriculum, which culminates annually in a hands-on project created by the Fellow. The Strongheart team – all experienced social entrepreneurs – work closely with each Fellow to ensure the successful planning, execution, and sustainability of the project.

The Strongheart Fellowship Program is a groundbreaking healing and learning guidance program designed to help bright, resilient young people from extremely challenging circumstances around the globe develop into compassionate, innovative problem-solvers and leaders that can affect significant social change.

To learn more about the Strongheart Fellowship Program and the soon to be opened Strongheart House

go to their website at http://www.strongheartfellowship.org/

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